Member of the German-Finnish Chamber of Commerce

MC Containers has joined the German-Finnish Chamber of Commerce this spring. Becoming a member means that MC Containers, with its deep knowledge and understanding of international logistics, will from now on strengthen the Chamber of Commerce member network of around 650 German and Finnish SME companies.

The core function of the German-Finnish Chamber of Commerce is to provide the member companies with the necessary network access and knowledge about business and export in Germany and Finland. The membership will enhance member companies’ brand visibility in the target country and thereby maximize the number of international business opportunities and co-operations.

MC Containers has ever since the beginning had its eye fixed on the international container logistics market, and the company is proud of its strong network of partners around the world. MC Containers’ international offices are located in Germany, Sweden, Finland and Lithuania, and the company operates currently from 70+ ports all over Europe and the world at large. Also, the company employees come from different nationalities including employees from Germany, Russia, Lithuania, Finland and Afganistan. All in all, the company is happy to work with customers and partners in several different languages, including English, Swedish, German, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish and Finnish.

Its many prestigious ports and geographical location in the heart of Europe make Germany one of the most important logistics markets in Europe, and also in the world at large. Therefore MC Containers operates from several German cities all the way from north to south of Germany including Hamburg and München. Due to the company’s strong geographical presence in the country, MC Containers’ customers benefit from an extensive selection of different types of new and used containers as well as short delivery times and freight costs.

”Joining the German-Finnish Chamber of Commerce felt like the natural next chapter in our international business journey. Becoming members in the German-Finnish Chamber of Commerce honors and strengthens the bond between our two home lands. Hamburg is our global HQ and building strong networks in Europe is beneficial to both us, our customers and our global partners”, says Jesse Mattson who is responsible for international projects at MC Containers.

MC Containers is an international logistics company whose core business is to sell, rent and lease containers e.g. for shipping, office and event use. The company also plans and executes intricate special container projects for customers, and provides extensive services, e.g. container repairs, transport and stevedoring, to help its partners and customers with container logistics issues. MC Containers serves its customers and partners in four international offices and 70+ ports all over the world.

Website of the German-Finnish Chamber of Commerce (in German):

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