The new Honorable Representative of the Port of Hamburg

The recruitment of Jesse Mattson from MC Containers deepens the cooperation between Finland and Hamburg and gives Port of Hamburg Marketing new insights into the Baltic Sea market.

Jesse Mattson from MC Containers has been recruited as an Honorable Representative for Finland by Port of Hamburg Marketing. In this new position, Mattson will develop container logistics on a European scale and promote cooperation between Finland and Hamburg.

The Port of Hamburg is the largest container port in Germany and the third-largest in Europe. This means that a large proportion of cargo in Europe passes through Hamburg.

Evidently, ports in the Baltic Sea region are important partners for the Port of Hamburg. In order to achieve and maintain an efficient container logistics network, it is important to strengthen reciprocal international relations in Europe.

The Port of Hamburg expands its international networks by appointing Honorable Representatives to provide the port with valuable information on market developments in different countries. The representatives are chosen by Port of Hamburg Marketing, which is responsible for creating and maintaining the image and networks of the Port of Hamburg internationally.

Jesse Mattson, the CEO of Mattson Containers GmbH, has been recruited as the new Honorable Representative for Finland. In addition to Mattson, the Port of Hamburg’s market development team for the Baltic Sea region consists of representative offices in Warsaw and St. Petersburg.

Mattson’s interest in logistics has increased over the course of his career in various positions in the industry. During his years spent working in Germany, Mattson has gained extensive international networks and developed a profound understanding of the German and Finnish markets.

“Finland and Germany have a long and prosperous history together. Since I have experience and extensive networks in both places, I want to help Hamburg companies to be successful in Finland and do the same for Finnish companies in Hamburg,” Mattson sums up his aspirations. 

MC Containers is an international family-run logistics company that sells and rents e.g. shipping, office and event containers. The company also modifies special containers according to customer requirements and provides container logistics services, such as maintenance, transportation and forwarding. In addition to the international Hamburg office and the Finnish offices, MC Containers also operates in more than 70 depots worldwide.



Jesse Mattson

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