Website copycats on the move

We have seen a sketchy replica of our website emerge and would like to remind our network to be alert when doing business online.

We are aware of the fact that there is a sketchy replica of our website out there on the internet.

In this particular case, the company has copied our content all the way from our website structure to most of the texts and photo placements.

They have mostly remembered to replace our company name with theirs but have made the unfortunate mistake of leaving a misspelled version of our name on their contact page, which, again, is copied from our website.

We will naturally not disclose the name of the company or link to their site so that we won’t unintentionally encourage any more visitors to a website that has been copied and as such doesn’t deserve the attention.

We take this situation as yet another chance to warn anyone and everyone to whom it might concern: In today’s world, you should carefully consider where you place your trust and ALWAYS consult your own network if they know anything about the company you’re about to partner up with.

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