10' fire insulated storage space

This insulated storage container has two sets of double doors to make fire-proof storage in demanding weather conditions a breeze.

The container was modified and equipped to give the customer a carefree place to store fire-sensitive material.

A standard 10′ insulated container is a great base for many types of storage needs. The fire insulation used in this container is EI60 and the floor is made of fire-safe aluminum. To ensure safe usage, the container was equipped with ATEX lighting, heater and electricity.

To give the container a durable finish, the container walls were sandblasted and followed up by a special paint color chosen by the customer. Another set of double doors were also installed to make it easier for the customer to get their stuff in and out of the container.

If you’re about to store fire hazardous stuff inside a container, you should be extra careful when choosing the materials and equipment for your container. Corten steel is a very durable and fire-safe material in itself, so the difference between a good night’s sleep and a restless night lays in the inside materials and the chosen equipment. If you’re unsure about container fire safety, you will find our contact info below.

Project details

  • A standard 10′ insulated container, EI60 fire insulation
  • Fire safety indoors was taken into consideration by installing ATEX electricity, heater and lighting
  • Floor material: fire-safe aluminum
  • To achieve a durable finish on the outside wall, the walls were sandblasted and painted with a special color chosen by the customer
  • Double doors with lockboxes on two sides of the container
  • Ventilation valves

10' fire insulated storage space


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