10' storage container with explosion vent and special floor

The container floor was strengthened to make it withstand larger point loads. Also, fire insulation and an explosion vent were installed to the container.

A 10′ storage container was chosen as the base for this container project. EI60 fire insulation was installed on the walls and the container ceiling. Also, the basic plywood floor was replaced by a steel and aluminum floor, and even the floor structure was strengthened so that it will be able to carry the point loads required by the equipment that will be stored inside the container.

Another special feature of this container is the explosion vent that was installed on the ceiling. If the difference in air pressure in a closed space gets too high, a sudden explosion might occur. The basic idea behind the explosion vent is very simple: when the pressure level inside the container increases, the vent will open up and release the pressure and possible fire out through the vent in a safe direction.

To finish the project off, a custom opening was made on one side of the container, and the outside walls were sandblasted and painted in a color chosen by the customer.

Every container project starts with a need and an idea. Could one of your everyday problems be solved with a movable extra space packed with tailormade details? Contact us via the form below so that we can together design a container solution that fits your unique requirements!

Project details

  • A new 10′ storage container with a lockbox as the base.
  • Opening on one container wall.
  • Explosion vent.
  • A strengthened floor structure.
  • EI60 fire insulation on the container walls and ceiling.
  • The outside walls were sandblasted and painted (C3).

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