20' Break room for freight

Our customer needed a break room office space that they could easily move from one continent to the other.

In this case, the solution was designed around a 20′ HC shipping container with a valid CSC plate. A CSC plate on a shipping container means that the container can easily be transported on the highways and in international freight. Due to the smart choice of container type, the customer will save considerable amounts of money in freight costs when transporting the container from one place to another in the future.

The most important aspect of this special container project was naturally to maintain the container’s seaworthiness without having to compromise on some other aspects like functionality or comfort.

We solved the challenge by building a partition wall inside the container close to the standard double doors. On the partition wall, we were able to fit an access door, a window and an air heat pump without having to touch the outside walls of the container. Making the modifications this way the container can keep its CSC plate and is, therefore, ready to travel across the world.

The natural light from the window together with the possibility to adjust the inside temperature and to plug in small appliances, transform the space into a comfortable space for both work and leisure. The light indoor materials and the extra ceiling height of ca 30 centimeters from the HC container model make the space feel clean and airy.

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  • 20′ HC shipping container with white PIR insulation on the walls.
  • A partition wall was built inside the container. Both the access door, the window and the air heat pump were installed on the partition wall to keep the outside walls intact. This way the container can be used for international transport even after the modifications.
  • LED lights and several double sockets for added functionality
  • The inside temperature can be controlled with an air heat pump and a radiator
  • Mechanical ventilation

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