20' two-part space with containment tank

A 20′ HC Double Door tunnel container was divided into two parts by a new partition wall. This way the container will cater to two different storage needs.

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Our customer needed a container where they could safely store a significant amount of environmentally hazardous materials. They also wanted a separate, insulated storage space inside the container.

The need was met by a 20′ HC Double Door container which was divided into two parts by a partition wall. The bigger space takes up 3/4  and the smaller space 1/4 of the container’s capacity. For the partition wall, we built a steel frame that was insulated from the smaller side and finished off with white steel plate on the other side.

In the bigger space, the container bottom was sealed off with steel plate which forms the bottom of the tank that will prevent any environmentally hazardous residues from leaking into the environment. To meet the customer’s needs, the edges of the containment tank were raised to increase the tank’s inner capacity and two drain valves were fitted to the container frame. The ceiling, walls and doors were insulated with 40mm polyurethane elements and moldings were added for a neat appearance.

Similarly, moldings and insulation elements were installed for the smaller space, as well as XPS insulation under the container floor. The container plywood floor was left as is.

A container can be divided by partition walls to create spaces for different uses. When it comes to modifying containers, only creativity sets the boundaries! Let’s work together and design a space that matches your needs.

Project details

New 20′ HC Double Door container as the base.

Bigger space:

  • The containment tank was made by welding steel plate to the bottom of the container.
  • In order to make the capacity of the containment tank ca 1600 litres, the edges of the tank were raised.
  • 2pcs drain valves.
  • Floor made of galvanized steel grating.
  • The ceiling, walls and doors are insulated with 40mm polyurethane elements.
  • Air vent.
  • Moldings.


The smaller space:

  • The ceiling, walls and doors are insulated with 40mm polyurethane elements. XPS insulation underneath the floor.
  • Air vent.
  • Moldings.

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