20' welding booth with effective ventilation

20′ HC ex-reefer makes a sturdy and cost-effective workspace.

Our customer needed a contained space with sufficient ventilation to use as a welding workshop. The best container model for this purpose is a 20′ HC ex-reefer.

Ex-reefer is a used reefer container where the cooling machinery has been replaced by an insulated sandwich panel. Because all of the inside surfaces are made of stainless steel and aluminum, the container can take the heat and sparks without any issues.

The container was customized by adding a 16A power supply as well as one double socket inside the container. To make the container work even better as a welding booth we installed a duct fan and a disc valve on opposite walls to effectively circulate the air inside the container and direct it outside through the valve. On top of these, the container wall was fitted with a custom opening for the welding machine’s own ventilation. To make the usage more convenient, LED light and heater were installed and the standard T-floor was covered with a new steel floor.


You don’t always have to look for a solution outside of the box. A container provides the perfect blank canvas for any customer project, and custom tweaks here and there will improve the functionality of your space. Contact us for expert knowledge and recommendations on your next container project, you’ll find our contact info below! 

Project details

  • 20′ HC ex-reefer.
  • Steel floor.
  • LED light and heater.
  • Double socket and 16A power supply.
  • Opening.
  • Duct fan and disc valve.
  • Power supply 400V, 32A

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