40' DC with insulation, electricity and access door

There is a light-colored, insulated and practical storage facility hidden behind the standard double doors.

It is not always necessary to choose a brand new container as the base for a container modification project. For example for this project we, together with the customer, chose a used but cargo worthy 40′ DC container. This means in practice that despite the visual appearance, the container is in good shape including that the doors work, the floor is intact and the walls are straight. READ MORE ABOUT THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN A NEW AND USED CONTAINER HERE.

In this project, the walls, ceiling and double doors were insulated with 40mm polyurethane elements. To maximize the space inside, we insulated the floor from beneath the container with 50mm XPS. The airflow inside the container was secured by adding new air vents, and the edges of the insulation panels were completed with white moldings.

To increase the convenience of use, we installed electricity with a 16A power supply and in total four LED lights with motion detection. We also installed double sockets to plug in the four new electric heaters which will make it easy for the customer to regulate the inside temperature during the colder months. Finally, to give the customer more vertical storage opportunities, we added a four-tier steel shelf at the short end.

As most of the older shipping containers, this container was also missing a lockbox. Naturally, we installed a new lockbox to the double doors to better protect the lock and insides of the container. We also installed a new white access door to the double doors to make going in and out of the container easier.

A used container in good condition works well as the base for a special container project. Let us know about your modification needs with the form below and we’ll get back to you soon!

Project details

  • Insulation 40mm polyurethane elements and 50mm XPS
  • Air vents
  • Moldings
  • Lock and lockbox on the double door
  • Access door
  • 16A power supply
  • 4pcs LED lights with motion detection
  • 4pcs electric heaters and double sockets
  • Steel shelf

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