Agile mini storage for hazardous substances

The container’s built-in containment tank will stop any hazardous residues from leaking into the environment.

The starting point for this project was the customer’s need for movable storage space for small amounts of hazardous material. The solution here was simple and easy to replicate with any sized container: building a containment tank at the bottom of the container.

The original plank floor was removed carefully for reuse, and replaced with durable galvanized steel grating. The grating was mounted with bolts into the cross members at the bottom of the container. Consequently, removing the grating is easy when emptying the containment tank.

When installing a containment tank to a container we always make sure that the grating is installed at the same level as the door sill. This makes using a pallet jack for loading easier and minimizes the risk of tripping when entering the container.

The containment tank itself was created by welding a steel plate to the bottom of the container. The door sill was also equipped with a drain valve that enables emptying any liquids that may have spilled inside the containment tank.

The latch in a 6′ container has a protective cover, under which there is an option to attach a padlock for added security.

Keep in mind that if you intend to store paint, oil or any other environmentally hazardous substances inside a container, the container needs to be equipped with a proper containment tank to minimize the risk of spills. Depending on your need, we can turn any sized container into a hazardous waste container. Contact us with the form below and we’ll make a non-binding quote for the solution you need!

Project details

  • A dark grey 6′ storage container as the base.
  • The original plank floor was replaced with a galvanized steel grating which can be removed e.g. during emptying of the containment tank.
  • The capacity of the containment tank is ca 450 liters.
  • One drain valve.
  • Natural ventilation as standard.

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