Equipment container with metal floor

The new, strengthened metal floor of the container can handle a lot more weight than the standard wood veneer floor.

The number one priority in this project was to increase the load capacity of the floor in an 8′ storage container so that it would be able to handle the weight of the heavy equipment that will be stored inside the container.

We first removed the standard wood veneer floor of the container to make room for the new floor. We then welded RHS tubes on both sides of the forklift pockets to strengthen the structure of the container and to support the new floor under the weight of the stored equipment. To prevent rust build-up, the RHS tubes were coated with a protective layer.

To replace the old floor, we first installed a layer of 3mm thick galvanized steel plate and followed it up with another layer of 3mm aluminum tear plate to maximize the load capacity of the floor.

On top of strengthening the floor structure, we also made an opening on the wall opposite to the standard double doors at the right height in regards to the stored equipment inside. The opening was finished off by welding an appropriate metal seal on the brink of the opening.

With these relatively small modifications, we were once again able to create the perfect equipment storage for our customer out of a standard 8′ storage container.

Do you also have a need for a container space that can tolerate larger point loads and tough use? We make all kinds of modifications from small alterations to larger renovations on our container depots, you will find our contact info below.

Project details

  • The standard wood veneer floor of a 8′ mini storage container was removed
  • Replaced tith the combination of 3mm galvanized steel plate + 3mm aluminum tear plate
  • RHS tubes

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