Mini unit for tight spaces

What if you need a weather-proof place to store your stuff but even the smallest of standard models won’t fit into the spot where you need the storage to be located?

A super mini container cut to the desired size.

The need for this special container was awoken when our customer noticed that even the smallest model of standard-sized containers wouldn’t fit into the very narrow space they had to use for storage. Our customer wanted to find a solution which would enable them to maximize their storage opportunities and use this otherwise empty space to its full capacity.

The measurements were agreed with the customer and the product was meticulously customized to customer request. The floor is made of plywood that was cut to the proper size. The outside was finished with a base coat and two coats of the special topcoat paint chosen by the customer. Carefully treating the outside will ensure long-lasting good looks for the container for many years to come.

The end result of this project is a custom-sized shipping container that can be attached with container locks to other storage containers that the customer already has. This way the customer is able to take advantage of otherwise wasted space.

A shipping container is a fitting storage choice for many spaces and uses due to it being long-lasting and weather-proof. However, the standard sizes and models don’t always provide you with the best solution for your unique requirements. In these cases, we suggest that you contact us so that we can together with you design a custom container solution fitting to the occasion. You’ll find our contact info below, let’s be in touch!

Project specialities

  • Custom size: width 2440mm, length 1350mm and height 2900mm
  • The durable paint coat is made of a base coat and two coats of UV-protected paint in a color chosen by the customer.
  • Floor material: cut-to-size plywood
  • All new shipping containers are equipped with a lockbox for security

Matti Gossler

Regional Director EU and International

Tel. +49 172 41 00 428


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