40′ Insulated container, ex-reefer

Our 40’ ex-reefer is a basic reefer container that has had its cooling capabilities removed and replaced by a sandwich panel. This fully insulated container is an excellent insulated container choice when you’re looking for a shipping container that can withstand heavy usage and moisture.

The ex-reefer container is a fully insulated container that has been insulated with polyurethane. The inner surface of the container is constructed of stainless steel and aluminum, allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance. The ex-reefer container is also equipped with a T-bar floor and is also available as a High Cube (HC) container model, which boasts approximately 30cm more in height compared to the basic reefer container model.

Every single one of our ex-reefer containers has been repainted and refurbished to extend its life expectancy. Our ex-reefer refurbished containers are available from a number of European ports for fast delivery. Please note that our ex-reefer insulated containers have all been previously used and repurposed for resale. All units can be equipped with several accesories and modifications like lights, flat floor, entry doors..


Length: 12192 mm, Width: 2438 mm, Height: 2890 mm

Inner dimensions

Length: 11588 mm, Width: 2294 mm, Height: 2557 mm.

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