40′ Open Top Container

In comparison with the basic sea container, the distinguishing feature of an open top container is it’s fully openable roof. The roof structure of the container has been replaced by a tarpaulin, which enables the transport of oversized cargo. This is also an excellent solution for cargo that cannot be loaded into basic sea containers through the side doors.

40′ open top (OT) containers are available as factory made (original) models or by modifying standard 40′ ISO containers (modified). All of our open top containers are valid for intentional shipping (CSC). Containers are available both new and used in Europe. Also High Cube (HC) models are available, which are approx. 30 cm taller than standard models.


For modified containers, we can now provide a 30 months valid CSC plate that can be renewed!


Length: 12192 mm, Width: 2438 mm, Height: 2591 mm

Inner dimensions

Length: 12032 mm, Width: 2344 mm, Height: 2348 mm. Capacity: 66,2 m3

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