Containers for Events

Containers for festivals, exhibitions and other happenings. We have many models ready to go, or if you have an idea for a totally unique solution, we’ll help you plan it out.

When you want a working, well crafted and thorougly thought out container for your event, contact us!

  • Tested, inspected and ready for use
  • Quick to set up
  • High quality
  • Design your own model if you can't find the right one!

Container condition rates

Condition rate

One way / uusi

Uusi kontti, saapunut rahdissa satamaan. Pieniä käytön jälkiä merirahdista ja käsittelystä.

Condition rate


Erittäin hyväkuntoinen kontti. Ollut esim. vuokrakäytössä, eikä kontissa ole suurempia käytön jälkiä.

Condition rate


Käytetty, rahtikuntoinen kontti. Kontti on ollut käytössä 5-15 vuotta ja siinä on ulkoiseia käytön jälkiä. Ovet toimivat, lattia on ehjä. Vesitiivis, ei reikiä.

Condition rate


Käytetty kontti, joka on vanhempi ja kuluneempi kuin A-luokan kontti. Rahtikuntoinen, mutta enemmän käytön jälkiä ja kulumista. Voi vaatia hieman korjausmaalausta.

Condition rate

As is

"Myydään siinä kunnossa kun on". Vioittunut kontti, joka ei täytä rahtikuntoisuuden kriteerejä, ja kontissa on vikoja.


10′ Office Container, Premium

The 10′ premium office container is our smallest standard office container model. It provides ca. 7 m² insulated, fully equipped, ready made space. Our Premium office containers are designed for all year round use, even in the harsh Nordic weather conditions. The container is fully insulated and all used materials are premium quality.

All office containers are equipped with LED-light, heating, electricity and ventilation. We have two standard colors but we produce in all colors and combinations based on your requirement. Container can be equipped with glass walls, sliding windows, extra doors and air conditioning. 

Standard Colors

  • Light Grey RAL 7035
  • Dark Grey RAL 7035


  • Access door with lock
  • 1 openable window with shutters
  • Electricity, LED- lights, heating
  • Ventilation 

Walls 80 mm PUR
Floor 100 mm mineral wool
Roof 50 mm mineral wool + 50mm PIR


Length: 3000 mm, Width: 2430 mm, Height: 2790 mm

Inner dimensions

Length: 2790 mm, Width: 2220 mm, Height: 2520 mm.

  • Optional extras

20′ Open Side container

20′ Open Side (OS) or Full Side Access (FSA) shipping container is a ISO standard container suitable for international transportation. The container has basic pair doors in one end, and full side access on one side of the container. This provides optimal loading access with a forklift and for loading oversize cargo.

Open side containers are also widely used in events and festivals as stands or pop up stores, as it provides a fast, safe and weatherproof solution without any minimal setting up. The unit can be equipped with with several accessories. Available only in new condition.

Available also in High Cube and with Double Door model.


Length: 6058 mm, Width: 2438 mm, Height: 2591 mm

Inner dimensions

Length: 5898 mm, Width: 2288 mm, Height: 2299 mm. Capacity: 31 m3

  • Optional extras